Wednesday 12 December 2018
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ZONGONEWS EDITORIAL: International Migrant Destinations ( Part 42 )

Last month Black History Month was celebrated in Germany and will continue to be celebrated with festivals and marked events all over the world. Will you contribute?
In September 2017, UNESCO institute for statistics reported that more one-half of children and adolescents are not learning worldwide and more than 617 million children and adolescents were not achieving the minimum ‘expected’ level in reading and maths, equivalent to three times the population of Brazil. It was also reported that 85% of children in sub-Saharan Africa are also not learning the minimum.
Globally, 56% of children and adolescents are underachieving in maths and 58% in reading. Under achievement by Sustainable Development Goal regions equates to sub-Saharan Africa maths 84% and reading 88%, Central Asia and Southern Asia maths 76% and reading 81%, Western Asia and Northern Africa maths 57% and reading 57%, Latin America and the Caribbean maths 52% and reading 36%, Eastern Asia and South Eastern Asia maths 28% and reading 31%, Oceania maths 22% and reading 22% and Northern America and Europe 14% for both maths and reading. In relation to country income, underachievement is highest in low income countries as compared to high income countries. These are heart rendering statistics.
In the working documents of the 4th Meeting of the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee, it states “Teachers are the key to achieving all of the SDG4-Education 2030 agenda”. In other words, solving of the issues just mentioned above, and more.
According to an UIS survey in 2016, ”Only 41% of countries could provide data on teacher motivation (teacher attrition and salaries) and there are no indicators regarding international cooperation on teacher training for developed countries, as referred to in the SDG4 target.”
Whilst it is true that the setting of indicators, ways to measure the outcome and impact of actions, are critical to measure difference, I am so pleased that when it comes to teacher motivation it cannot and will never be confined to attrition and salaries.
Teacher training and qualifications designed to ensure that those being taught are empowered to maximise their learning opportunities are essential. However, my observations and personal experience has been that those who make the greatest impact in lives are those with a passion for learning, those whose primary goal is for the betterment of others. My teachers are too numerous to mention by name and indeed today I continue to have many. Collectively they are called Faith, Community, Friendship, Compassion, Love, Kindness and Neighbour but to name a few.
In a sense we are all migrants or descendants of migrants who have either moved to another city, town, region or globally. Let’s not forget that those that migrate also bring with them a wealth of knowledge and skills. Could it be that lives are poorer, and learning is stagnated because people wrongly perceive culture, language and difference as a barrier instead as an opportunity to be taught and to teach others?
Are you willing to teach from your vast resource of wealth that others have invested in you? Will you be in the hall of fame for the release of someone else’s potential? I hope so.
Lesley Shepperson
Shepperson & Shepperson Consultants Ltd

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