Saturday 20 October 2018
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ZONGONEWS EDITORIAL: International Migrant Destinations ( Part 35 )

As we see 2017 come to an end and 2018 begin, this is not only an appropriate time to say good bye and reflect but a time to look forward and aspire.2017 Saw the release of the 2017/18 Global Education Monitoring Report by UNESCO on Accountability in education: Meeting Our Commitments, which focused on “the mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 and on education in the other SDGs” with the responsibility to “report on the implementation of national and international strategies….” The foreword concluded that “Accountability is about interpreting evidence, identifying problems and working out how to solve them. This must be the backbone of all our efforts to achieve equitable, quality education for all”.It was disturbing to see that according to this document, “in the past 5 years, funding requests for education in emergencies have increased by 21%, as a result of both long-standing and new humanitarian crisis” and that globally, 65 million people were forcibly displaced which incidentally is the highest number since World War II. This financial increase masks the fact that “funding for education in emergencies remains below the 4% target: Education in emergencies received 2.7% of a total US$19.7 billion in humanitarian aid”.We also saw the release of Developing and Implementing Curriculum Frameworks, published in June 2017 by the International Bureau of Education – United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (IBE-UNESCO) which outlined how a curriculum framework could be developed and, the publishing of the European Parliament’s commissioned research on migrant education: Monitoring and Assessment, “A first attempt to explore the monitoring and assessment of migrant education (MAME) in EU Countries”.In Africa, the ADEA 2017 Triennale Education and Training in Africa: Revitalising Education Towards the 2030 Global Agenda and Africa’s 2063 Agenda was held in the Abdou Diouf International Conference Centre in March 2017, resulting in several recommendations for advancement. Globally, we saw the release of the updated 2017 World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision.Along with these we must mention the thousands of projects and millions of people who work tirelessly at great personal and community sacrifice to feed, educate, protect, deliver humanitarian aid and extend compassion to those that require support on their journey to independence and interdependence. To these we pause to say thank you and to the recipients we send a word of encouragement to chase their dreams and release their great unique potential to the world.As I personally reflect, I stand challenged again to continue to make a difference where I canand am enabled to do so. What about you? When all is said, and done, global need requiresand is answered by a local response.

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