Tuesday 11 December 2018
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“Where I’ll Go To With My Twi, You Can’t Go There With Your Masters Degree English”: Delay

Television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso has revealed that her outspoken Ghanaian language; Twi has taken her to many places.

Given a motivational speech, Delay admitted that she will not carry English on her shoulders like a badge of honor as many people cherish.

According to her, she will continue to communicate with the local language which she is comfortable with because it has taken her to many places and will continue to send her to places.

Delay noted that where her Twi has taken her to, people with a Masters Degree in English cannot go and that she will continue to be proud of her mother tongue.

She quoted:

“Where I’ll Go To With My Twi, You Can’t Go There With Your Masters Degree English” Says Delay

According to Delay, English Language is not something she’ll carry on her shoulders like a badge of honour. The cocky Tv Presenter made the statement in a video she shared, in which she was addressing some audience. She emphatically said that “where I’ll go to with my twi, you can’t go there with your Masters Degree English”. We don’t know which exact people Delay was talking to or referring to, so we are tempted to agree with her. Other than that, we would have been worried if she’s talking to influential and accomplishing personalities like Lucy Quist and others who have equally been going places with their Masters Degree English, probably farther than her. Well, we don’t even know the places she means to be going or intending to go so let’s just chill.
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