Monday 22 October 2018
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The Ashanti Regional Security Council (RESEC) has agreed to consider having an independent body to investigate the reported killing of seven residents of Kumasi Asawase Zongo. The Bureau of Public Safety said such incidents are becoming too frequent and rampant in our society.
Ghana police kill suspected crime

Police practices should be urgently looked into by the Government.The Bureau called for an independent police complaint body to be set up to investigate such matters rather than leaving matters in the hands of the police to investigate itself.
“Between January and June this year the Bureau of Public Safety has collated a total of 122 police arrests. Only 52 of them were incident free, 70 of these arrests were classified as eventful arrests i.e. turned violent. From January to date such eventful arrests as collected by the Bureau of Public Safety resulted in 20 casualties (17 deaths and 3 injuries). The Bureau finds this trend very disturbing and not characteristic of a progressive law enforcement institution,” the BPS noted in a statement, Thursday following the reported killings of seven Zongo men.
The Bureau of Public Safety urged the Police Service to “review its arrests/rapid response procedures, and train the entire service workforce on Critical De-Escalation skills. We further call on the Vice President of the Republic, as the Chairman of the Police Council to immediately set up an independent investigative body to thoroughly investigate the killings in Kumasi, and make their findings public. We are of the firm belief that a body independent of the Police is better placed to gain the confidence and cooperation of all persons affected by this situation,” the BPS statement on Thursday following the killing of seven men.

Source: ANA-ZongoNews TV & Radio /