Saturday 20 October 2018
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Hajj is not compulsory on those who can’t afford it, it’s simple and plain.
If people can’t afford to pay let them stay at home and manage their businesses but government should not hide under any social intervention initiatives to accrue debts on the citizenry in the name of helping people to go to Hajj. This is unacceptable and must stop.

I applaud the Government of Nana-Addo and Bawumia for paying from their personal purse for over 400 people to embark on the Hajj, nothing from the public purse.

Although I don’t support the idea of Government paying for anyone to go to Hajj whether with Government money or from the personal purse as the current administration did.
My reasons are simple, Hajj is not by-force or compulsory on the needy, let alone the most vulnerable in our communities who find it hard to fend for themselves 3 meals a day but hasten in accepting Hajj offers from Government or any quarter when they know that they can’t afford it. Instead of using the slot in a form of exchange with any capable interested person so that the funds can be used to establish a business or even use it to pay for children’s school fees, they accept it and come back to beg again, what a ’no sense‘ scenario.

This is why I discourage Imams and Chiefs from taking the free tickets to share with the poor when they are very much aware that the poor comes back to beg again, why.

Can you imagine the number of Islamic SHS that we will be having in 4 years if our Imams and chiefs can agree to ask Government to redirect the funds they intend for free hajj for the construction of SHS for Muslims.

Government pays over $1.3m for 400 pilgrims when we don’t have one single super SHS that produce graduates equipped for the tertiary in any field.

This is meant as a wake up call to all of us particularly the Imams and Chiefs in our communities who accept the freebies.

Our only pride in terms of education are the schools put up by individuals and foreign missions like our good Iranian friends.

Where is the one in the name of Tijjaniya, Ahamadiyya, Sunnah and etc as the property of the sects not for individuals.
The Presbys, Catholics, Methodist and Anglicans have institutions in their names as the properties of the church beside the individual ones.

Let’s champion a good course regardless.
I am a beneficiary of the government freebie but I honestly would want it reversed for us to own our SHS and universities with same money given to us in the name of Hajj. After all, Hajj is not compulsory on the poor or the needy.

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