Monday 15 October 2018
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ZongoNews Radio

The Only Dancehall Artist in Ghana Who Doesn’t Smoke

Abdul Basis Ibrahim has been the face of the young generation of Ghanaian artists’ promoting “Say No to Smoking”.
Bastero/City Boss has been in the system for a while and has a lot of hit songs to his credit.
The only Dancehall Artist, who says no to smoking, is aiming to promote the vision “Say No to Drugs and Smoking” outbreak in our community now. Like they say everything positive requires a push and he is planning to embark on a nationwide tour to promote his advocacy programme: “Say No to Smoking” and focus the minds of the youth on civic and ethical issues as well as on responsible citizenship for the future.
Talking about his educational background, the Wind Hit Maker and City Boss says he has been on a “commercial break” on Education and he will be back with a “musical vision” to promote and educate the youth on the path of “positive direction”.
On his relationship status, he says he is single and still searching, but in the meantime, he stressed that he was married to his music.
City Boss is joining the list of Hosts on ZongoNews Radio where he will be promoting Reggae Dancehall.

Isa Abubakar /