Saturday 20 October 2018
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SANITATION AERTS: Nima Zongo in Accra

Nima is a residential town in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The town is hugely popular because of its sprawling market. took a stroll on the streets of the town recently to access its environmental state.
What our team encountered was a sad reflection of the neglect by the waste management authorities in Accra to address the acute waste problem at Nima. It is unacceptable that barely 200 metres from the Nima round about to the main Nima street one is confronted with a huge waste dump right near the entrance to the popular Nima market which is right opposite the Old Cinema building, known as Dunia Cinema.
Don’t we have well-trained and qualified sanitation engineers who should know better that placing a waste dump in the middle of the market is very inappropriate and unwise? demands answers from the authorities.
Moving forward from the market, is a commercial bust station in the centre of Nima. For those who know Nima already and those who are new and unaware of the town’s landscape, the station is popularly called Gold less Stop where another waste bin is erected. has no problem with erected waste bins at vantage points, but efforts should be made to empty them.
It doesn’t end there. Heading towards the Gutter Bridge, located in an area called Alaska, another overflowing waste bin could be spotted by the Team.
After surveying Nima and its environs, we realized that the waste management strategy adopted by the sanitation authorities was not in the best interest of the community it was supposed to serve. It should by now dawn on the sanitation authorities that healthy live is wealthy living and it is now apparent that living in Nima is not healthy for the poor and deprived people of the area. spoke to resident living close to the waste bins for their opinion. One lady we spoke to stated clearly that no one cares about their well-being complaining bitterly about the poor services rendered by the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA). She stressed that the District Information Van goes round announcing issues but neglects the concerns of the people regarding sanitation problems they face. The market vendors, she says were also concerned about the foul scent they are forced to inhale daily as a result of rotten uncollected waste.
The residents pleaded with the authorities to restructure the strategies of waste management to help improve the sanitation problems in the area, which, in their view, was getting out of hand. They also want the authorities to treat Nima and its residents with respect when it comes to sanitation issues.
It is hardly pleasant walking through the streets of Nima because of the putrid scent from uncollected waste materials spread all over the place. Some market women observed that the former National Democratic Congress (NDC) government implemented a clean-up exercise on the first week of every month which benefited the people. The exercise, they say, no longer functions.
Because of the deteriorating nature of sanitation in the Nima market, most of the women who run the place spoke about the attitude of buyers who usually patronise the market. Sanitation problem, they say was tarnishing the image of the beautiful people of Nima. calls on the sanitation authorities in Accra to attend to the needs of the residents of Nima.

Source: Issa Abubakar, ZongoNews, Ghana / /