Monday 15 October 2018
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Rwanda At Fruit Logistica in Berlin

Rwanda at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

A three days international exhibition well known as Fruit Logistica is being held in Berlin/Germany from the 7th February, where fruits and vegetables grown across the world are being displayed by exhibitors to attract new buyers, creating business partnerships with potential horticulture players and acquiring knowledge and information on new trends in production and marketing of horticulture products.

FRUIT LOGISTICA, the international exhibition of leading producers of fruits and vegetables, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people from more than 130 countries provides a unique opportunity for five Rwandan horticultural products exporting companies to showcase their products.

Rwandan companies at this year’s event include Garden Fresh Ltd, Proxifresh Rwanda Ltd, Nature Fresh Foods Ltd, Esline Ltd and FreshPack Ltd. Also in attendance is NAEB, responsible for marketing Rwandan grown fruits and vegetables for both existing and new buyers and creating a network with different potential investors who, in the future may venture into Rwandan horticulture sector. NAEB also assist potential foreign partners to expand their marketing opportunities to boost and sustain foreign exchange growth and trade balance through the export of Rwandan fruits and vegetables.

The Rwandan fruits and vegetables sector play a very significant role in the exportation of horticultural products which has attracted more investors in the the previous years. The sector has witnessed growth from two companies in 2014 to five in 2017. These companies exported their produce to markets in Europe and Dubai. By the Fiscal Year 2016/17 the export of fruits and vegetables were 25.1 Metric Tonnes worth $17 million from 20 Metric Tonnes which had generated $8 million in the previous year.

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