Tuesday 23 January 2018
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Owusu Bempah is only being smart with his prophecies – Policeman

In less than 24-hours after Founder and Leader of Glorious Word Ministry, Rev. Owusu Bempah gave some prophecies about the 2018 with an indication some policemen will die, there has been counter reaction from some Cops who are not enthused about the development.

“It should not be said that prophesies that are revealed are repetitive because we only share what we see…. Let us remember Ghana Police in our prayers, otherwise we will hear of rampant deaths of officers within the force”, founder and leader of Glorious Word Ministry International, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah has said.

Abdul Hanan Mohammed EL-Saeed, a policeman with the Police Headquarters in Accra, believes the Man of God is only being clever and smart in his predictions of happenings in 2018.

“In my minds eye, I am tempted to believe that preacher man’s prediction although like indicated earlier, I don’t have the kind of eyes he has, I think he is only being clever and smart”, he stated.

Read full text of his response below;

Touch wood! Touch wood! Touch wood! May the prophecy against any policeman or woman this year never come to pass.

I understand that Reverend Owusu Bempah has made some predictions/prophecies and said a lot of policemen will die. Although I cannot challenge his predictions / prophecies except to pray that it doesn’t come to pass.

In my minds eye, I am tempted to believe that preacher man’s prediction although like indicated earlier, I don’t have the kind of eyes he has, I think he is only being clever and smart.

This is a clear case of applying one’s analytical mind to digest current events/prevailing phenomenon or a global view of events.

Unfortunately, many of us are unable to accept this and see it as no prophecy but a clever calculations and reading of the dynamics of the time.

Take a close look at my class one permutations and predictions and see. For example, in Nigeria, there is an aging president who has not been in good health. Likewise in Ghana, we have about three ex first ladies who are a little advanced in age.
In Zimbabwe again, when you mention about a prominent personality dying, it is not news considering the turbulence in that country that led to the ousting of Mr Robert Mugabe vis-a-vis his advanced age.

In the journalism and entertainment industry in our country now, there are a lot of prominent musicians and journalists in now who are practicing these two professions, and giving the proliferation of the media and the increase in the number of entertainers, it is to be expected that at least one or two may kick the back in the year.

So if you say these guys will die, I beg to say that you haven’t said anything because their numbers are hug and as long as they are mortals, they can die anything.

The police service for example has close to forty thousand people and you cannot say that in a whole year none of them will die. Some or most are likely to die especially giving the kind of work they do and the times we find ourselves in where criminals are now targeting the police.

There are a lot of influential preacher men in Ghana ???????? as well, so just by saying that a preacher man will die doesn’t make what you say prophecy.

Currently on the world stage, the is a clear possibility of tension between the countries that the preach man said they may go to war with some of the nations that are averse to what these two countries are saying and doing.

So quiet sincerely and frankly, as someone who understand global politics, I wouldn’t accept it for a minute if someone calls these things prophecies.

I invite everybody to do their own analysis and see if it is enough to call these things prophecies.

Abdul Hanan Mohammed EL-Saeed


Police Headquarters