Saturday 20 October 2018
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One passenger gets entire airplane to herself

Cape Town – One traveller could not believe it when she had an entire airplane to herself after her first flight was cancelled and was accidentally booked onto a new one meant for the airline’s crew.

The woman, who has since been identified as Beth – also know as ShabbyBaby22 – uploaded a photo of herself on the empty plane on Reddit.

She was flying from Rochester, New York, to Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington, D.C. and the only people with her on the 70-minute flight was the two pilots and a flight attendant, who was flying to their next job.

You can tell by the photo that it seemed to have been a very small plane, with a row of two seats on one side and rows of one on the other.

Beth says her original flight was set for eight hours earlier, but when it was cancelled, staff booked a new one flying out of Rochester after midnight.

She says after the cancellation she went back to her parent’s house nearby to wait for the next few hours and was never contacted when the airline put everyone else on an earlier flight.

Beth explains on Reddit that she felt something was wrong when she discovered she was the only one in the waiting area 45 minutes before takeoff, a ticket agent coming up to her and saying, “I knew this would happen.”

„When my flight was cancelled about eight hours earlier a confused agent gave me and half the passengers a seat on the plane in the pic (sic) before another agent realized everyone could go on an earlier flight.“

When she got on the flight, she chose a row third from the front so she could give enough space between herself and the flight attendant.

„It seemed far enough away that if the flight attendant was taking care of something in the front it wouldn’t wake me up and close enough that if she had to tell me something she wouldn’t have to shout or walk far,“ says Beth.

Despite being the only passenger, Beth says the flight staff still discussed safety measures and asked if she would like any food or drink.

Neither the captain nor the flight attendant had seen such a flight before, she adds.

After sharing her story on Reddit, Beth’s post quickly went viral with nearly 8,000 users commenting on her picture in less than 24 hours since posting it.

Everyone seemed to be curious about her unique experience.

Revealing all, Beth explains that the safety demo did run, but that the flight attendant went through it faster than usual and they both had to avoid awkward eye contact as they kept bursting into „awkward giggles“.

But because it was a short flight, she says that she didn’t ask for anything to eat or drink, despite being offered.