Tuesday 11 December 2018
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ZongoNews Radio


Accra – Ghana – Nima-Maamobi drainage (GUTTER) is causing more harm than good. Nima is one of the popular Zongo communities in Ghana and it has been neglected for years by the country’s politicians. During election campaigns, shameless politicians of different party political persuations troop in droves like dominoes in a row, to the community for votes. They promise the people everything under the sun, but after elections they neglect them. It is high time the authorities of the country do something about the popular drainage (gutter), not only at Nima or Maamobi, to prevent the out break of cholera and other diseases in the deprived areas of the country. The question many observers are asking is: where is the newly-created Zongo Ministry? Is it just another gimmick to throw dust into the eyes of the residents of Zongo communities in Ghana? The issue has nothing to do with only one political party or the other. It appears all the political parties in Ghana lack a clear concept on how to manage waste in our communities. Rubbish collection and management has always been a headache for the authorities since Ghana attained its independence on 6th March 1957.

Source: Dawouda Oumar / AfricaNewsAnalysis / ZongoNews Media Group