Monday 24 September 2018
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ZongoNews Radio


Vigilante groups said to be affiliated to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) have accused the Tamale Teaching Hospital CEO of corruption and mismanagement. They took the law into their own hands, walked into the offices of Dr David Akolbila and drove him and his staff out and locked the offices as seen in this video. Tamale health workers have protested at the unwarranted action of the vigilantes and said they no longer feel safe in the hospital after Monday’s invasion.
This action is symptomatic of youthful exuberance going waste in all sectors of the Ghanaian body politic. Youth leaders of political parties in some countries develop and prepare policy papers for their parties for implementation for the betterment of the society in general. One wonders whether Vigilante groups have a mandate under Ghana’s Constitution to enforce the laws of the country. It seems politicians of all political parties in Ghana are failing the people for their own political convenience. That is suicidal for a young democracy like Ghana’s.
Nobody is saying that corrupt practices should be condoned. State institutions such as the police, state prosecutors etc. should be empowered to deal with issues of corruption. Vigilante actions are better left to Banana Republics. Ghana for all we know is not a Banana Republic.

Source:ANA-ZongoNews TV &Radio