Saturday 20 October 2018
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Father faces incest charges after leaving his wife for biological daughter

A father and daughter are facing incest charges after reports that they’ve had sexual relations and planned to tie the knot.

Steven Walter Pladi (42) from Virginia in America and his biological daughter, Katie Rose Pladi (20) from North Carolina, were arrested last week after Steven’s ex-wife told police he’d impregnated their daughter.

According to police warrants Katie was legally adopted after she was born and used social media to find her biological parents, Kron4 News reports.

After finally making contact with them Katie moved into the family home in Virginia in August 2016, where she lived with her parents and two siblings.

According to Mirror News Steven’s wife, who hasn’t been named, moved out in November 2016 and decided to get legally separated from Steven.

According to warrants, Steven asked her siblings to call Katie their “step-mom” and told his ex-wife he was the father of her child.

After a warrant for Steven and Katie’s arrest was issued in November last year, the pair were detained and charged with “incest with adult, adultery and contributing to delinquency”, the Daily Mail reports.

A baby boy, believed to be the pair’s son, was found with them.

Last year Katie posted a picture of the little one on Facebook, captioning it “Carolina air”.

The father and daughter were held at the Wake County Detention Centre in Virginia before being released on $1 million (R120 million) bail.