Saturday 20 October 2018
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ZongoNews Radio

Farmer’s Day In Ghana

In recognition of its farmers who produce food for its teeming population, Ghana designated the 1st of December each year as national Farmers’ Day. The day is also observed as a national holiday. took the opportunity to visit some market places in Accra and talked to traders on their activities as well as their interaction with farmers across the country, and the challenges they face in getting supplies of foodstuffs from the producing areas.
The traders stressed the importance of giving the farmers adequate attention, support and resources in carrying out their arduous task of producing food to feed the nation.
Talking to the traders, a consensus emerged on the need for the government to encourage the youth to take up farming which could go a long way to reduce the youth unemployment in the country. also spoke with a cross-section of farmers who expressed their disappointment that most of the promises by the government to improve the agricultural sector have still not materialised.
In appreciation of the efforts of our farmers, takes this opportunity to congratulate them on this year’s important day in their lives and expressed our thanks for feeding our nation despite the challenges they face in carrying out their duties.

Source: Issa Abubakar, ZongoNews, Ghana / /