Monday 22 October 2018
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Close kin have first rights on Zakat: Naqshbandi

EDDAH — Maulana Abu Raja Syed Shah Hussain ullah Bashir Bukhari Naqshbandi, founder President Abul Fada Islamic Research Center, said close relatives have first rights on our Zakat (compulsory charity paid to the poor and the needy).

While speaking at a function, held under the supervision of Hazrat Faqir Pashah at Qari Qutab Uddin Farid residence in Jeddah recently, he made this point emphatically.

He said Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it is an obligation upon all believing Muslims to purify their possessions by giving away a small portion of their properties to those who are in need. He, however, added that close relatives enjoy the first rights on our Zakat.

He also explained importance of Ramadan in the Islamic Calendar. He said this is the month of unity and peace. “Its each and every moments are holiest and blessed of Allah (SWT),” he said.

Host Farid Khan praised and appreciated the Islamic, cultural and social service of Maulana Abu Raja Syed Shah Hussain ullah Bashir Bukhari Naqshbandi. He said that the Maulana is supervising students who are memorizing the Holy Qur’an in Hyderabad city, while also paying attention to their education.

Maulana Hafiz Syed Shah Khalil ullah Owaisi Bukhari, another Islamic scholar from Osmania University, said in his speech that Zakat has a very positive impact on the society in alleviating poverty.

He added, “Allah (SWT) gave Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) two miracles, first the Noble Qur’an and second the Mi’raj (The Miraculous Night Journey). The revelation of Qur’an from Allah (SWT) was in the month of Ramadan.”

He expressed his regret that today we (Muslims) have limited the Qur’an only for reading and are not following properly the message of Qur’an.

Earlier the function started with the recitation of few verses from Holy Qur’an by Hafiz Mohammed Abdullah Jamshaid. Naat (praise of the Holy Prophet) was presented by Mohammed Farid Khan.

At the end a shawl and a shield were presented to Maulana Naqshbandi. Abdul Haque Hashim, Mohi Pashah Qadri, Doctor Syed Amjad Junaidi, Imtaiz Qadri, Waqar, Faiz-ul-Hasan Khan, Wajaht and others were present on occasion.