Sunday 24 June 2018
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arrest - catch

Indian police arrest 14 in teenager raped, burned to death in India

Indian police on Saturday arrested 14 people suspected of kidnapping, raping and burning to death a teenage girl, the latest in rising...

New Zealand

New Zealand navy officer accused of hiding camera in embassy toilet

One of New Zealand’s top naval officers is accused of hiding a camera in the toilet of the country’s embassy in Washington in a...

Human skull-AFP

Rwandans shocked by discovery of genocide-era mass graves

Mass graves that authorities say could contain more than 2 000 bodies have been discovered in Rwanda nearly a quarter-century after the...

Descrimination - racism

Black man admits to painting racist graffiti on campus

A former Eastern Michigan University student has admitted to painting racist graffiti on campus. The Ypsilanti school said Eddie Curlin...

prison  cell

Indonesia’s former speaker gets 15 years in jail for corruption

Indonesia’s former parliament speaker was handed a 15-year prison term on Tuesday in a victory for an ongoing clamp-down on...

Malawi Joyce Banda-afp

Former Malawi’s president Joyce Banda to return after 4-year exile

Malawi’s former president Joyce Banda will arrive home this week after four years of self-imposed exile that saw an arrest warrant...


Over 100 missiles fired at Syria but ‘significant number’ intercepted: Moscow

Moscow – The US and its allies fired more than 100 cruise missiles at Syria, a significant number of which were intercepted by Syrian...


Myanmar announces repatriation of first Rohingya family

Myanmar’s government said it has repatriated the first family of Rohingya refugees, among 700 000 who fled a brutal crackdown, but...

Body philipine in freezer kuwait

Kuwait court sentences couple to death for Filipina’s murder

Kuwait City — A Kuwaiti court on Sunday sentenced in absentia a Lebanese man and his Syrian wife to death by hanging over the murder of a...


Attacks against Palestinians in increase by 50% in 2018

There’s been an increase in attacks by Israelis from illegal settlements against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since the...