Thursday 22 March 2018
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Joe Biden ‘would go down fast and hard’ in a fight: US President Trump

Washington – US President Donald Trump lashed out at Joe Biden for wanting “beat the hell out of him”, saying on Thursday...


Police free Mali consul’s wife after held by man in Barcelona

Barcelona – Police on Monday freed the wife of Mali’s honorary consul in Barcelona after a man from the African country seeking...


Constitution and Church promote corruption – Reverend Martey

Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey, has identified the country’s constitution,...

Ghana youth protest

Angry youth attack Police station at Ejura

About 200 irate youth at Ejura in the Ashanti Region on Thursday, 15 March 2018, stormed the Ejura Sekyeredumase district police station...

facebook logo-AP

Facebook pulls gun game from conservative gathering

an Francisco – Facebook pulled a virtual reality gun game from a major US conservative political gathering on Friday, saying the demo was...

Libya Muammar Ghadafi-afp

Seven years since Gaddafi fall: Libya see no end in chaotic transition to democracy

Tripoli – Seven years since a revolution that ended four decades of dictatorship under Moammar Gaddafi, Libyans see no end in sight...

Liberia George weah

Liberia president-elect George Weah calls for foreign investments

Monrovia – George Weah gave his first public address as Liberia’s president-elect on Saturday, telling potential investors that...

Boko Haram flag AFP

Former mayor in Cameroon acquitted of working with Boko Haram

Yaound – A former mayor in Cameroon arrested in September 2014 for alleged complicity with Boko Haram was acquitted Thursday, a week...


Suicide bomber kills six in northern Nigerian market

Kano – A suicide bomber blew himself up Thursday in a crowded market in northern Nigeria, killing six people, security sources said,...

Sleeping with phone

Five Dangers of Sleeping Near Your Cell-Phone at Night

If you are sleeping with your phone under your pillow or just out of reach on a night stand, you are like the 45% of cell phone owners who...