Friday 15 December 2017
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The importance of the city of Jerusalem in Islam

Jerusalem is perhaps the only city in the world that is considered historically and spiritually significant to Jews, Christians, and...

Al-Fattah - The Opener

Al-Fattah; The Opener, The Judge

The ongoing wars on Muslim lands are yet another tragedy on our world community, our Ummah. And when we are sitting in front of our...

Stress free zone

Stress Management in Islamic Perspective

While stress may be necessary for human survival, the excess of it certainly affects our health and productivity. It is claimed that in the...


The Best Gift From Allah

The best gift from God is good health. Everyone should reach that goal by preserving it for now and in the future. (Saying of the Prophet...


Challenges to the Spirit of Modern Hajj

There was a time when people would spend months and months preparing themselves financially and spiritually to live the real meaning of...


Abu Dhabi mosque named after Mary, mother of Jesus

A mosque in the capital of the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi was renamed on Wednesay to “Mariam Umm Eisa” – meaning mother of Jesus...


Millions of Muslims converge on Grand Mosque in Makkah for ‘Night of Power’

MILLIONS of Muslims from around the world as well as other parts of the Kingdom converged on the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s...

Grand mosque

House of Allah is open for all nationalities

MAKKAH — Umrah pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque in Makkah refuted rumors being circulated by some malicious media to belittle...


Changing our objectives this Ramadan

Each Ramadan is a new opportunity to gain rewards from Allah. How can we maximize our Ramadan this year; or how can we benefit most from...


The other side of the Prophet’s story in Taif

When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) called the people to Islam in Makkah, he was opposed by the leaders of the tribes of Quraysh. The...