Monday 23 October 2017
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Germany Tomas de Maiziere

Germany conservatives upset over Muslim public holidays

BERLIN — German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has upset fellow members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc by...


The German nationalist conundrum

In many ways, Germany’s capital city, Berlin, is a melting pot of culture – so much so, every second person on the street is probably...

Track with illigal migrant to Germany

German police stop truck with 51 migrants

Berlin – German police say they have stopped a truck near the German-Polish border with 51 people squeezed inside, among them 17...

Polizei - ap

German police smash EU-Nigeria sham marriage ring

Berlin – German police on Tuesday said they have broken up a fake marriage ring that paired Portuguese women with Nigerian men who...

Germany merkel

Merkel warns of consequences for EU asylum laggards

Countries that fail to take part in the quota scheme for assigning asylum seekers around the European Union could themselves be denied help...

Residents evacuate in Frankfurt before WWII bomb defused

Thousands of residents in Frankfurt evacuated their homes early on Sunday ahead of the planned defusing of a massive World War Two bomb...

Germany krankenwagen-dpa

One person died and 12 injuried in 2 German crowd crashes

Berlin – Police in Germany say 12 people have been injured and one person has died in two separate incidents of vehicles hitting...


Women assaulted, bottles hurled at chaotic German town festival

Berlin – German police said on Monday several assaults and cases of sexual harassment were reported in alcohol-fuelled weekend...

Refugees are welcome

Two dead, four wounded in German nightclub shooting

Konstanz – A gunman opened fire at a packed nightclub in southern Germany early on Sunday, killing one and wounding four before being...

German police

G20 riots caused up to $13.8m insurance damage – Germany

Berlin – A group representing German insurers says the rioting that accompanied the Group of 20 (G20) summit earlier this month could...