Sunday 24 June 2018
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Malaysia protesters

Malaysian bid to redraw electoral boundaries sparks anger

Kuala Lumpur – Hundreds of Malaysians protested on Wednesday at a government bid to redraw electoral boundaries as polls loom, with the...

Philipine Rodrigo Duterte

More than 100 killed since Philippine police returned to Duterte’s drug war

MANILA — More than 100 drug suspects have been killed since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the police to rejoin his “war...

Japan journalist at missing woman

More body parts found in Japan after decapitation case

Tokyo – Japanese police investigating the discovery of a woman’s severed head have reportedly uncovered several other body...


Rohingya see no end in sight, 6 months after attacks began

Cox’s Bazar — Their houses are often made of plastic sheets. Much of their food comes from aid agencies. Jobs are few, and there is...

Japan police

Japan police question US man after finding severed human head

Tokyo – Japanese police are questioning an American man in custody after a decapitated head was found in an Osaka apartment he was...


Chinese nanny sentenced to death in tragic arson case

Shanghai – A Chinese nanny with heavy gambling debts was sentenced to death on Friday for setting a fire that killed her...

India muslim wedding

India ‘virginity test’ for newlyweds

Pune – Pune, an industrial city in the west of India, home to many IT giants and also the first Trump-branded apartments in the country,...

China police with scan glass

Chinese police hi-tech glasses to screen crowds for criminals

BEIJING — Chinese police are sporting high-tech sunglasses that can spot suspects in a crowded train station, the newest use of facial...


Rape of Rohingya women by Myanmar’s security forces

Ukhia – The newlyweds were asleep in their home in western Myanmar in June when seven soldiers charged in. The woman, a Rohingya...

Cinese president Xi Jinping -afp

EU “deeply troubled” by China’s human rights record

Beijing – The European Union delegation to China said on Friday it was “extremely concerned” about the denial to Chinese...