Sunday 24 June 2018
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US Police Find Missing Woman’s Arm In Captured Alligator

Florida wildlife officers made a grim discovery Friday in the belly of a captured monster alligator: the arm of a missing woman. No one...

cannabis plants-ap

Canada’s Senate passes bill legalising recreational marijuana

Canada’s Senate passed a bill on Thursday legalising recreational marijuana, moving it closer to becoming the first member of the...


‘Animals’? US President Trump describe some immigrants as ‘animals’

US President Donald Trump is defending his use of the word “animals” to describe some immigrants who enter the country...

Starbucks changes bathroom policy following racial firestorm

Starbucks is opening its bathrooms to everyone regardless of whether they’ve bought anything following the arrest last month of two...

Venezuela Maduro -palestinia Abbas

Palestinian President Abbas urges Latin America not to follow US example on embassy

Caracas — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged Latin American countries Monday not to emulate the controversial US decision to move...

US police line

Mother and three children dead in apparent homicides

A mother and her three children were found dead on Thursday inside a northeastern North Dakota home, and police said their deaths were...

naked Trump

Naked Trump statue goes for $28 000 at auction

A naked statue of Donald Trump, complete with a distended belly and jowly sneer, is to go on display at a Haunted Museum after a paranormal...

Brazil Lula da Silva

One badly hurt in ‘shooting attack’ on vigil for Brazil’s Lula

Sao Paulo – A man was seriously wounded early on Saturday when a gunman opened fire on a vigil in the southern Brazilian city of...

US John Kelly

Kelly dismisses as ‘total BS’ a report he called Trump an ‘idiot’

New details emerged on the rift between White House chief of staff John Kelly and US President Donald Trump, with one former administration...

Stormy Daniel - Trump

US Judge agrees to delay porn actress Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump

A judge on Friday delayed a civil lawsuit by porn actress Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael...