Sunday 20 August 2017
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Sierra Leone flood -afp

SIERRA LEONE FLOODS: Fears for 600 still missing

Freetown – Concerns shifted on Wednesday to the estimated 600 people still missing and thousands made homeless in Sierra Leone by...

Kenyatta - afp

Uhuru Kenyatta: heir to a fortune and a political dynasty

Nairobi – Uhuru Kenyatta, who won a second and final term in a disputed election on Friday, is the son of Kenya’s founding...


UN investigating mass graves in northern Mali

Bamako – The United Nations said Saturday it was investigating mass graves found in a northern Mali town along with a slew of human...

Boko Haram flag AFP

At least 69 people died in Boko Haram ambush in northeast Nigeria

Kano- At least 69 people are known to have died in a Boko Haram ambush of an oil exploration team in northeast Nigeria, as three men...

Gabon opposition -afp

Man couldn’t feel his legs when Gabon police broke up rally for Ping

Libreville – Ten people were injured in Libreville on Tuesday as Gabon police broke up a rally organised to mark the return of...

Marital rape

Sexual violence on ‘massive scale,’ in South Sudan- report says

Wau – It’s been five months since the shy, frail 13-year-old was snatched from his bed, drugged and raped in the middle of the...

Gambia Yahya Jammeh-afp

Gambia investigators find dozens more Jammeh-linked assets

Banjul –  Gambia’s justice minister says investigators have uncovered dozens of additional properties, bank accounts and...

Nigeria election -R

African citizens have good reasons to be fed up with their politicians

A few months ago, a video in which a street boy blamed bad leadership for Nigeria’s socio-economic problems, went viral on social media...

Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo-afp

Nigerian VP back in Abuja after Buhari meeting

Abuja – Nigeria’s vice-president has returned from a whistle-stop trip to meet ailing President Muhammadu Buhari in London and...

Kenya - Raila Odinga -afp

Kenya opposition leader Odinga checked for signs of food poisoning

Nairobi – Kenya’s leading opposition leader, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, was taken to the hospital with suspected food...