Tuesday 11 December 2018
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Behind The Berlin Wall: Information Politics at Ghana Embassy

The Ghana Embassy in Berlin is at it again – its archaic information politics knows no barrier.
Ghana's presidential Jet Falcon 900
Presidential Jet Falcon 900

Take the recent visit of the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to Germany as an example. As if the Embassy was not enthusiastic about the visit of their own president, there was absolutely no information flow to majority of Ghanaians living in Germany. Efforts by ANA-ZongoNews TV and Radio to get information from the mission hit a hard rock.
Why must it take us, as Ghanaians, to know about the itenary of the president from a citizen of a West African country and not from the Embassy? Where did this person, who is not a citizen of Ghana, get the information about the Embassy’s preparation of the president’s visit? If the Embassy has decided that the President’s visit should be kept secret from Ghanaians, why was a foreign national privy to the information? Those passing the Embassy’s internal workings to foreign nationals must desist from doing so; it is against the national interest of Ghana.
ANA-ZongoNews TV and Radio urge the Ghana Embassy in Berlin to re-examine its attitude towards its own people living in Germany. The old ways of running the mission to the detriment of citizens of Ghana should be over by now, regardless of which political party is in power in Ghana. Don’t Ghanaians have a right to information regarding their own elected President’s visit to their country of resident, in this case, Germany?
What is good for a citizen of a West African country is equally good for citizens of Ghana.
We at ANA-ZongoNews TV and Radio are not in a position to entertain such unwarranted information shenanigan from the Ghana Embassy in Berlin.

Source:Dawouda Omar