Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Bastero/CityBoss Talks About Parental Care as today marks Mother’s Day

Dacehall & Reggae Iconic is on it again to talk against tramadol, Benylin and others hard drugs out break in our communities at the moment ..

He express his worries for the youth because they are future leaders for our motherland.

As a Coky Rasta he shows a lot of concerns about the youth up bringing in our communities as well as the nation too..

Recently he was in the news saying he’s the only dancehall artist who doesn’t smoke, Yes He means smoking or any other stuffs

WAHDODEM hit maker is calling on parents and the public to contribute a lot of their time into their children’s Ware fare….

He urged the youth to respect their parents opinion and listens them as well as it will help them grow in positive direction as a biblical order.

He also said the team is ready to do any form of deal to advocate against the use of drugs outbreak in the country and Western Africa diaspora .

Currently the CityBoss is working hard and coming wild like Hungary Lion and he got a lot of surprises on the way , The (TCM Family) should get ready to move to next level as he rules he will put smiles on their always till eternity .. Stay tune for more updates ..

Source:Issa Abubakar / ANA-Zongonews /