Tuesday 11 December 2018
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ZongoNews Radio


It has come to the notice of the management, the Editorial Board and Staff about an issue trending on Social Media regarding a so-called ZONGO TV, BALA MAIKANKAN and BARIKISU DONATION which some detractors are targeting us with.We want to make it clear in the strongest terms that, first, we are NOT, repeat, NOT ZONGO TV and we are in no way connected to that ZONGO TV! ANA-ZongoNews Media Group would NEVER engage in such CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. Furthermore, we are not in the business of soliciting donations. We are ZongoNews with international partners, partners in the media as well as in social corporate responsibility terms. ANA-ZongoNews Media Group are members of the Africa Diaspora Media Group in Germany.Secondly, there is no one in our team with the name BALA MAIKANKAN. We have NEVER worked with the said BALA MAIKANKAN or with any other person bearing that name.Third, ANA-ZongoNews Media Group have no idea whatsoever what BARIKISU DONATION is about and we are NOT involved in anyway.The Board of Directors, the Management and Staff of ANA-ZongoNews Media Group are appealing to everyone, wherever you may be to DESIST forthwith from linking us with the BALA MAIKANKAN and BARIKISU DONATION issue.ANA-ZongoNews Media Group is involved together with our anti-corruption partner organizations in the fight against corrupt practices, injustice and other vices in both Europe, where we are based and in Africa. We have very descent people on our team and we urged all right-thinking people to give them the respect they deserve.We wish to reiterate once again that ZongoNews has NO LINKS WHATSOEVER with the so-called ZONGO TV. We don’t know who they are, and we have never collaborated with them.

God Bless Ghana

ANA-ZongoNews Media Group Editorial Board and Staff
Berlin Germany

Source: Dawouda Oumar / ANA-ZongoNews Media Group