Sunday 22 July 2018
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European News

French president Macron -ap

President Macron under fire as security aide detained in assault inquiry

French President Emmanuel Macron, trying to curb what has become the most damaging scandal of his presidency, on Friday fired a top...

Africa News

Map of Nigeria. A detail from the World Map provided by RAND McNALLY.

Nigerian children recount the challenges they face working in a city

Stories of children being used in Nigerian mines have hit the headlines. But this phenomenon isn’t uncommon. About 15 million Nigerian...

Daily News / Germany


German Chancellor Merkel fires back after US president accuses Germany of being Russian ‘captive’

BRUSSELS — US President Donald Trump accused Germany of being a “captive” of Russia on Wednesday as Western leaders gathered in...

Daily News / Ghana

Burnt phones

Headmaster of Damongo SHS burns 300 mobile phones of students

The headmaster of Damongo Senior High School in the Northern Region ordered the burning of over 300 mobile phones seized from students in a...

Top Theme HEALTH

Child and mother

How to make the most of your kid’s bath-time

As fun as splashing around in the tub can be for your little one, bath-time offers so much more than just playtime. At Johnson’s, we’re...




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