Wednesday 15 August 2018
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European News

French president Macron -ap

President Macron under fire as security aide detained in assault inquiry

French President Emmanuel Macron, trying to curb what has become the most damaging scandal of his presidency, on Friday fired a top...

Africa News

DRC Kabila

All eyes on Kabila as DRC election deadline looms

The Democratic Republic of Congo was braced Wednesday for President Joseph Kabila to announce either a successor, or his own candidacy for...

Daily News / Germany


German Chancellor Merkel fires back after US president accuses Germany of being Russian ‘captive’

BRUSSELS — US President Donald Trump accused Germany of being a “captive” of Russia on Wednesday as Western leaders gathered in...

Daily News / Ghana

Ghana Hajj I.C.Quaye

Hajj Board promises good Tuo Zaafi in Mecca as pilgrims cry over flight delays

Chairman of the Hajj Board, Sheikh I.C. Quaye says pilgrims should not be bothered about food as they will have the very best of tuo zaafi...

Top Theme HEALTH

Sperm -iStock

1 of 16 children: Daughter of sperm donor finds father

For Peter Peacock, fate arrived in the form of a registered letter. The letter, at least initially, looked to be a bit of a letdown....




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