Friday 28 April 2017
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European News


Britons regret Brexit decision: poll

London – For the first time since Britain voted to leave the European Union, more people now believe that the decision was a mistake,...

Africa News

Goodluck AFP

Former Nigeria’s President Jonathan blames Obama for 2015 election defeat

Lagos- Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan has blamed Barack Obama for his 2015 presidential election defeat to Muhammadu Buhari, alleging...

Daily News / Germany


German soldier posing as refugee arrested in attack plot

Berlin – A German soldier who led a “double life” pretending to be a Syrian refugee has been arrested on suspicion he...

Daily News / Ghana

Ghanaians US

Trump administration to deport 7000 Ghanaians

The Trump administration in America is set to deport seven thousand Ghanaians who have abused the terms of their Visas. The Ghanaians are...

Top Theme HEALTH

Laboratory -health- hospital-iStock

Hepatitis E outbreak kills 25 in Niger refugee camp

Niamey – Bad water and hygiene have led to an epidemic of hepatitis E that has killed 25 people over several months in a refugee camp...




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